Genesis Clearing Statement

Copyright 2012

By Jesse Ann Nichols George


The Genesis Clearing Statement is a statement that can be repeated to help clear fear, pain, challenges, self-limiting patterns, blocks, judgments, frustrations, and more.  I created this to help people make the breakthroughs that they have wanted and needed to make.  Have you ever wanted to completely get rid of the blocks that have held you back, especially the ones that you don’t even know you have, or the ones that you don’t know where they came from?  Have you wanted to stop repeating patterns of behavior or thought so that you can move into the manifestation and creation that you want?  I know I have.


For decades, I have worked to learn where these blocks come from; and have used several techniques that could make a dent but didn’t seem to completely clear things, because they kept creeping up time and time again.  Finally, I realized that the tools I had used were often times working on the conscious mind but were not working on the core point where the trigger occurred.  I knew what I needed to do was to create a clearing statement that could clear the blocks all the way down to this trigger point; but that wasn’t good enough.  To fully clear the blocks and judgments I knew I needed to create something that would also take care of triggers from past lives, inherited through ancestry, or parallel planes or other time spaces.


The result was the Genesis Clearing Statement.  I have found that when a feeling or emotion, fear, pain, anxiety, block, judgment, frustration, etc. comes up all I need to do is use this simple little clearing statement to change these feelings to something positive or to create a new outcome.  Not only did I find that it cleared my present state of being, but it also cleared all the way back to it’s origination.  This is a very powerful tool.


Some of the people that have begun using this clearing statement have said:


“I felt peace from the moment  I started reading it”


“I am relaxing and becoming at ease just hearing you say this”


What if you could clear the blocks that have held you back from your potential, or creating the life you desire?  The Genesis Clearing Statement can help you do that.  So before I get to the actual statement I would like to take a little time to explain the individual lines and parts of the Genesis Clearing Statement.  It is important to know what the words mean so that you can get the maximum impact from it.


How will you know it is working?  You will start to have thoughts or ideas that give you answers to your questions, and that will help you to create your desire.  People around you will start acting even more favorably to you, and will do things to help you.  Things will happen and people will show up in your life to make your life more enjoyable and to support you in what you are creating.



1) 11)  The term Genesis refers to the starting point.  It is the place where the trigger occurred and the block, judgment, fear, pain, etc. was started.  Thus we begin “At Genesis…”  To carry it through to forevermore means the clearing will last always.

2)    2)  Safety.  Safety is the base state where we start from.  It is a space that we create in order to be able to fully open and create from.  In a space of safety we are free to open up on the deepest level of our being, and able to fully express ourselves as much as we want.

3)    3)  Support.  Support is to bring in the energy of union.  This is a point of knowing that we are supported by the universe and others around us.  Because we are supported this allows us to know that we will succeed and be able to overcome anything and move forward.

4)   4)  Love.  Love is the energy vibration where we truly connect with Spirit.  At this stage we become magnetic, and are able to draw in everything that we need.  We find alignment with spirit and thus open to endless possibilities.  When loved by others we are given loving energy so that we can be connected with spirit.

5)    5)  Joy.  Joy raises our vibration further and we connect even stronger with Spirit.  Things are flowing into our life easier and more completely.  This is a state of finding pleasure in everything.

6)    6)  Peace.  Peace raises our vibration even further and brings us right up to merging with Spirit.  We are free of worries and challenges.  We are creating, and providing our gifts to the world so that others can benefit from what we have to offer.

7)    7)  Divine Will.  It is important to bring this in at Genesis and beyond.  For this is where our will is integrated with Divine Will and it helps us to operate at our highest self.  With Divine Will we know that we are on our path, we know that Spirit wants us to be happy and fulfilled and to live a life that is all that we can imagine and even better.  Our will is also Spirit’s will.

You will not only be able to clear your blocks and judgments; but you will also be able to move forward with greater ease, peace, and aligned with Spirit creating a life that works for you.  You can improve anything from relationships, health, success, money with this simple statement.  How cool is that?  How does it get any better than that?


I can feel the excitement building here, it is time to get to the statement.  When you feel a mood or state of being, fear, block, judgment, etc. that you do not want; simply say the Genesis Clearing Statement.  I suggest saying it at least 3x.  You can say it as much as you want – even if you don’t have a trigger, and you just want to work on improving something in your life.  As you say the statement you should begin to feel your body getting lighter; this is a sign that you are moving out of your disconnected state and connecting with Spirit.  Enjoy this little tool, and may it work as great for you as it has for me and my clients that have been working with this.



Genesis Clearing Statement

Copyright 2012

By Jesse Ann Nichols George


At Genesis and forevermore I am Safe

At Genesis and forevermore I am Supported

At Genesis and forevermore I am Loved

At Genesis and forevermore I am Joyous

At Genesis and forevermore I am Peaceful

At Genesis and forevermore I am Divine Will


Genesis Statement - I Am

Genesis Statement - You Are

Genesis Statement - We Are

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